The grace of resurrection power…

The grace of resurrection power

Man’s greatest fear is death. Death was never intended to be a fearful thing. Death was a servant and that is exactly how it ought to be viewed.

Death was there before the fall of man. Please understand the God did not create death as a punishment for sin… no death was supposed to be used for the glory of God. But before we go there, how do we know that death was before the fall? Well the bible says the “Lamb of God was slain from the foundation of the earth…” Rev.13:8, there’s your answer and that means it was not to be feared but used.

Death is a very good servant but a bad master.

The bible says that unless a seed fall to the ground and dies then only can it produce after its kind. Well the same is true for us… unless we know how to die then and only then can we come to the place where we can produce something. In our case when we die to whatever it is that is holding us back then we can produce after that kind of thing. E.g. when we die to money then God will be able to trust us with money.

And we will resurrect the power to create wealth. The power to create wealth has been given to us as gift from God in the book of Deuteronomy. But we have neglected to die to money and that is one of the main reasons we still struggle.

Death to something produces a better harvest of that thing, the case in point, the seed. It is only one seed but when it dies it produces many fruit with innumerable seeds that produce innumerable fruit and so on and so on.


God has given us the tool of death to produce life. But we have become fearful of the tool and made it something it is not. If we fear the tool we will never get the job done accurately or on time for that matter. We might get the job done but it would be working hard not smart. And the time frame would probably be twice or thrice what it was supposed to be.


When you read 1 Cor. 15 you will note that Paul treats death like a person when he asks death questions. Why is he doing this? Why does he personify death? Because he knew that death was supposed to be a servant and nothing more.

In John 11 Jesus calls death sleep. Both Jesus and Paul had not respect for death. They didn’t want to give honour to something that didn’t deserve it.

We have made death a bad thing and we have caused our lives to go into stagnation mode or we have slowed down the flow of God’s grace of resurrection power in our lives.

God has given us the power to resurrect the things that have died for His glory.

What is dead in your life? What are you so fearful of that you feel needs to be resurrected but you don’t know how to do that?

God has given you the power of life and all you need to do is to die to the fear of that very thing.

If your job is dying or dead it can be resurrected by dying to the fear of it. Use death as the tool it was meant to be. Die to the fear of that thing.


Die to the fear of being poor or hungry or lack or need or whatever… once you die to it, it can’t affect you and scare you. You have been delivered. All you need to do is wait for the Kairos {God’s time} to make all things beautiful for His glory.

The fear of death has crippled the church and individuals and it is time we take back the authority that has been given to us to trample on scorpions etc.

Today declare that you are dead to the fear of death and believe that you serve a God who has placed resurrection power in your mouth

(Pro. 18:21)… so that you can speak the thing into existence. Ps 33:6 says that God spoke the heavens into existence by the breath of his mouth. I want you to know that you have the same authority  inside of you.

What can you die to today so that you can produce something of value and substance?

Trust that God has given you resurrection power through His broken body and shed blood and as you “do this” you can trust God for the resurrection power to be produced in you. No matter what it is Christ died so that He can resurrect that very thing.

‘As long as eternity is in your heart, death will never have room to roam”

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