You belong to Christ!!!

You belong to Christ

Even though we know that honour must be given where honour is due we must never forget that God is the ultimate when it comes to our allegiance. 1Cor. 11:1 says ”Follow me, as I follow Christ” but that does not mean that we look to man. The bottom line is, as a pastor or senior elder or leader or whatever, we do not own anyone. Therefore we cannot take control of anyone.

That is a spirit of Herod. The bible says when Herod was grieved the people were grieved with him. What am I saying…? I’m saying that you are Christ’s property neither I or any other person has the right to control or command you. What we must do, like Paul did to Timothy, we must give “instruction in righteousness…” that is my job as a pastor or leader in your life. I can’t hold your hand through everything that is why you have to trust Christ.

I have to believe that you love God enough to let Him help you and that God loves you enough to guide you accurately.

All I or any leader can and should do is give guidance and direction the rest is up to you and God.

Christ gives the increase 1 Cor. 3:7

This does not mean that you have the right to disrespect the grace that the set man carries because then you will be shooting yourself in the foot but you follow the man as long as he is following Christ.

It starts with you.


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